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6) Over 10 naturally formed vitamins including Vitamin A, folic acid, B1, B2, B6, B12, niacin, inositol, pantothenic acid, vitamin E, D, H and others that promotes healthy eyes, skin, teeth, lungs, muscles, nerves and other important functions.

Vitamins help promote: red blood cells, cardiac health, edema reduction, female hormone stabilization and assists in combating pernicious anemia, nerve degeneration, premature senility, fatigue, mental illness, allergies, infections, degenerative disorders, ulcers, hypoglycemia and other maladies associated with vitamin shortages and poor absorption of synthetic vitamins.

7) 18 Amino acids: 8 essential amino acids for a biologically complete protein & 10 non-essential amino acids, includes phenylalanine which some researchers believe acts directly on the appetite center of the brain to help reduce food cravings and to normalize appetite.

Amino acids promote brain health, growth, repair and maintenance of cells, tissues, and overall energy & stamina. Most proteins are not considered quick energy foods because they are slow to digest. Spirulina's protein are nearly 90% digestible and provides immediate and lasting boosts of energy.

8) Over 8 carotenoids including Lutein, Euglenanone, Zeaxaanthin, Echinenone, Cryptoxanthin, Xanthophylls, Alpha-carotene and Beta-carotene, considered the number one antioxidant as well as converts to pro-vitamin A.

Antioxidants promote healthy immune functioning, growth and vitality and helps the body fight infection and bacteria and also important for the health of the eyes, and aids the body in combating free radicals and the effects of environmental pollution.

9) Spirulina is low in calories, salt free per serving, has no artificial ingredients or fillers, and is an all natural product of nature.

Poses no threat to persons on sodium restrictive diets, or low calorie, fat and carbohydrate diets.

10) An instant source of nourishment and a compact food for fasting, survival and wilderness situations.

So little is needed with only 3 to 20 grams of Spirulina maxima in the daily diet in tablets, powder, or snack bars, can make a difference in providing excellent nutrition for our fast paced modern world.
The information used herein is solely for educational purposes. It is not intended to make health claims or give medical advice. The statements herein have not been evaluated by the USFDA.
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