Elixir International of New Mexico Inc.
Elixir Bio-Tech Inc.,  (EBT) is a new corporation formed  to cultivate and harvest Algae Biomass for producing multi-purpose Biofuel Feedstock; converting feedstock to Algae Crude oil and developing Biorefinery methodology, within the emerging Biofuel industry. This project  will demonstrate innovative accelerated approaches in cultivating and harvesting biofuel feedstock for Biojetfuel, Biogasoline, Biodiesel, Biobased and Bionutrient co-products. 
In a dual production system, the Company will also produce bulk dehydrated Algae for co-product manufacturing and packaging of Algae Nutraceuticals, Energy snacks and Animal Feed, for marketing bulk and packaged Algae products within the Health & Wellness Industry.
Elixir Bio-Tech Inc. is launching itsí Algae Biomass project, and is currently formalizing a 320 acre property site in Engle, New Mexico, in Sierra County, which will include collaborations, demonstrating several Photobioreactor methods of producing various algae strains, in an Industrial Park setting.

Elixir Bio-Tech's key personnel have successfully commercialized Open ponds and Greenhouse bioreactor designs, culturing, cultivating and harvesting of microalgae, with expertise and consultation on Algae projects since 1989. Advisory and collaboration has been performed in over 10 Algae manufacturing facilities worldwide. Expertise has been developed in Module, Semi-Industrial, Industrial and Commercial production. The management team continues to collectively research, produce, and market bulk algae nutraceuticals and packaged algae products.  For more information contact: Richard Warren, President /CEO   richard@elixline.com