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1 jar or more of Spirulina (200 tabs)

Today experts in the field of nutrition find Spirulina tablets to be a truly natural alternative to synthetic supplements. Spirulina tablets are used for optimal nutrition, energy, appetite control, and immune support. Buy 1 jar of 200 tablets, a one months supply

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!Buy by the case and save! 1 case (12) jars @ $13.50/jar ($162.00/case)
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1 lb jar of Spirulina maxima powder:

100% Spirulina maxima powder is a quality class of nutritious blue-green algae, known as the Sun food of the ancient Aztecs, Mayas, and Olmecs. It is a broad spectrum food concentrate, with over 70 powerful phytonutrients and antioxidants. It supplies quick and sustained energy boosts, curbs hunger, helps combat free radicals, and is excellent for overall immune support. 1 lb jar, one month supply

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! Buy by the case and save ! (6 x 1 lB jars of Spirulina maxima powder @ $25.00/jar or $150.00/case
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A Good Health Guide

"Spirulina - The microscopic nutrient power house and how it protects and restores health", by Jack Joseph Challem, a Keat's Good Health guide.
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12 books: "Spirulina, The microscopic nutrient powerhouse: How Spirulina can help to protect and restore health," @ $2.50/book or $30.00 per dozen
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Spirulina Information Package
Immune Care, Probiotic, Functional Food and Nutraceutical usage
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