Elixir International of New Mexico Inc.
Elixir International of New Mexico, Inc. d.b.a. Elixir International, Inc. and its principals have been involved in all phases of marketing Spirulina maxima, a quality strain of blue green algae, since 1979: from cultivating and harvesting, malnutrition research, product development, to manufacturing, packaging, and wholesaling of Spirulina based products.
The Company currently specializes in the global marketing and distribution of Spirulina maxima, in bulk and packaged brand name products. The Company's overall objective is to research, develop, quality control and produce a green line of Spirulina maxima products, at economical prices to customers, through wholesale and direct response multi-media.
CHRONIC DISORDERS RESEARCH: The Company's overall vision is to utilize Spirulina maxima products toward long term health through research on chronic disorders associated with 'NAIDS' (Nutritionally acquired immune deficiency syndrome).
GLOBAL HUNGER: considering increased world population, catastrophe victims, and refugees worldwide, global hunger and starvation is a reality. The Company's ultimate mission is to create a Spirulina maxima food bank for worldwide distribution for emergency food needs through qualified relief organizations.
RENEWING OUR ECOSYSTEM: Spirulina maxima and other blue green algae, through photosynthesis, are considered the number one producers of oxygen, thus absorbing more carbon dioxide from the air than any other plant source on earth. Therefore the Company's ecological mission is to assist in the establishment of hydroponic cultivation and harvesting specifically of Spirulina maxima through Joint Ventures with qualified producers. Spirulina maxima ponds are planned to be located in various targeted areas for self sufficiency, as a food source as well as to help restore the Earth's Ecosystem.
SPIRULINA maxima also known as phytoplankton, monera or cyanobacteria, or microalgae is 'Earth's First Food'. This blue green algae offers astounding new hope as an important aid to the major health, nutrition and environmental challenges currently facing humankind.
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