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Each SunPower bar contains 3 grams of Spirulina maxima, with other wholesome ingredients. The bars are  surprisingly delicious and compact for hiking, jogging, other sports, fitness training, or just for a treat. SunPower food bars are nutritious enough for the most nutritiously concerned consumer and delicious enough for candy loving kids of all ages. Yes, the bars are "Earthy" as one customer put it, but it's worth every bite, as you acquire the taste of "Earth's 1st Food" bar.

-'Earth's 1st Food' bar
-More than a snack bar
-A specialty confection
-A tasty natural gourmet treat
-Surprisingly delicious & nutritious

The wide range of nutrients in SunPower includes protein, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, Omega essential fatty acids, and other important nutrients for long term health and nutrition.
The main source for quick & lasting energy in SunPower bars is from raw honey, as well as "Rhamnose," and "Cyanophycean" both carbohydrates found in Spirulina. Cyanophycean is identical to glycogen used as a carbohydrate storage product in the human liver and muscle cells. Both Rhamnose and Cyanophycean are beneficial sugars that provide speedy and lasting energy boosts.
SunPower bars are excellent snacks for children, students, pregnant woman, lactating mothers, vegetarians, senior citizens, athletes, hikers, campers, dieters, or anyone who wants a good nutritious tasty treat.

___ AS A SNACK MEAL: Eat one or more bars daily for quick nourishment and natural energy to help curb hunger.

___ AS A DIET AID: Eat one bar, one hour before a meal as a diet aid and to help curb appetite.

___ FOR SPORTS & STRENUOUS WORK: Use to increase stamina for sports, heavy workouts and all high energy activity, drink a glass of water and eat one or two bars, 30 minutes before heavy workouts. Eat after any sports competition or vigorous exercise to help replenish vital nutrients.
NOTE: SunPower bars come in 1.5 oz (45 grams). SunPower bars are packed in boxes of 24 bars/box which is approximately a 1 month supply. 6 boxes of 24 bars is 1 case (144 bars).

NOTE: Currently SunPower Bars are out of stock due to re-formulation.