Elixir International of New Mexico Inc.

The 55 lb (25 kgs) drum/box of Spirulina maxima powder can be used as part of a family survival kit, for cooperatives, buying clubs, wilderness & survivalist groups.

I drum will last a family of 3 for approximately 420 days (1 year & 2 months), consuming 20 grams (1 heaping tablespoon x 3 people = 60 grams per day) in water, juices, soups, or added to other foods. THIS IS EQUIVALENT TO $1.98/DAY FOR 3 PERSONS OR .66 CENTS PER PERSON DAILY with over 70 plant food nutrients per serving.

Adequate nutrition and health can be maintained over a short or long period. Your order will be accompanied with a 1 lB sample and literature. A 10% discount on one or more drums. (Free shipping on first order)

FDA Regulation:
FDA Talk Paper No 41,160
Price: USD $2,500 / 1 drum
Pricing: FOB Las Cruces, NM
Packaging: 55 lbs powder per drum
Package Weight: 60 Pounds
Delivery lead time: 7 days
Minimum order: 1 drum (55 lbs)
Supply ability: 1-80/drums
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